Our mission statement: The Center for Counseling and Wellness nurtures a campus culture of resilience, equipping students to grow and thrive emotionally as they engage wholeheartedly in God’s work of renewal in the world.

You may also schedule, cancel or reschedule an appointment by calling (616) 526-6123.

More information on hours and how to contact Counseling and Wellness.

Ways we can help

The Center for Counseling and Wellness offers a number of services designed to help students address a variety of concerns. Below is a list of the services that we provide. If you need help determining what services would be most beneficial to you, please feel free to set up an appointment to talk with one of the counselors.

  • Individual counseling

    Individual counseling provides an opportunity to explore concerns in a safe atmosphere. Students work with a professional counselor who listens and lends expertise regarding individual concerns and circumstances. By working with a caring, objective and non-judgmental professional, students are able to address complex issues and concerns. Counseling enables students to problem solve, to make healthier choices, to build their strengths, and to enhance their personal and academic lives. The number of counseling sessions is mutually determined by the student and counselor.

  • Group counseling

    Group counseling brings together students with similar concerns to meet with a counselor. Obtaining support and feedback from other students in a therapeutic setting can result in increased awareness, change and feelings of connectedness. For specific group information, see our list of groups.

  • Couples counseling

    Couples counseling services are available for couples who are struggling in their relationship issues. We offer help to couples experiencing conflict, communication, intimacy and other issues. We do not offer premarital counseling for engaged couples. Please see our “Resources” webpage for referrals for premarital counseling.

  • Psychiatric consultation

    Psychiatric consultation is available for students who might benefit from medication. Consultation is provided at Health Services by a medical doctor who specializes in psychiatry. Open communication between the student, counselor and psychiatrist ensures a collaborative approach to treatment. Although counseling services at Counseling and Wellness are offered at no cost, there is a charge for psychiatric services. Many health insurance programs provide coverage for a psychiatric assessment.

  • Referrals

    Referrals can be provided by our counselors for resources both within the Calvin community and outside of it. Referrals may be made to other offices on campus, such as Health Services, Campus Ministries and Student Academic Services. Referrals may also be made to reputable community therapists or other professionals who provide specialized care.

  • Consultation

    Consultation is provided for those who may be concerned about a student. We can offer suggestions to faculty, staff and family members regarding ways to intervene with a student. We can also help to determine whether further assistance or counseling might be needed and provide appropriate referral recommendations.

Concerned about a student's well-being? Submit a CARE report for follow-up by the Calvin Assessment Response and Evaluation (CARE) Team. If this is an emergency, call 911 or Campus Safety (616-526-3333).