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Ten testing strategies

  1. Before the examination, find out from the instructor the type of test and the material that is going to be covered in the examination.
  2. Follow the directions given by the instructor exactly as they are given.
  3. Read the examination first to get the thought processes started. On essay examinations, always outline your essay before starting to write.
  4. Start by answering the easiest questions first to warm up. Then return to work on the more difficult questions.
  5. Write something on every question. If you do not know the answer, think of the nearest approach to it.
  6. Do not hurry so much that you get confused. Work carefully.
  7. Distribute your time proportionately among questions. Extra-complete answers on a few do not compensate for inadequate answers on others.
  8. If you cannot recall the answer, try to reason it out. A moment's serious consideration may give the correct answer.
  9. The instructor can only grade you on what you have written on the examination sheet. A professor cannot read your mind, so be sure you have written down exactly what you mean.
  10. Check your paper to see that you have answered every question.

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