Off-campus services

  • Dental care

    Several dental offices are located within a short distance of Calvin College and provide services to Calvin students. Dental care is generally not included with most health insurance plans. Students who need to see a dentist can call and make their own appointment.

  • Medication Dispensary

    Health Services may dispense medication in the context of an office visit. Most medications in the college dispensary are generic with lower costs. Local pharmacies can fill written prescriptions, and arrangements can be made for delivery when necessary.

    The pharmacies closest to Calvin are:

  • Radiology services

    Health Services providers may arrange for radiology services through Spectrum Health Hospital when necessary. For more information about diagnostic services offered at Spectrum Health, please visit their website.

  • Vision services

    Calvin Health Services does not offer optical services onsite. Students can schedule visits with local opticians in the Calvin College vicinity.

    Some local options are: