Our hope that your years here at Calvin are healthy ones. Whether you have a health concern or wish to schedule a wellness physical, all students may use Health Services as their source of primary care while at university. We invite you to consider us your medical “home away from home.”

Health requirements

As a new student, there are health requirements that must be met to ensure that our campus remains healthy.

Please log in to our secure Patient Portal and input your health information.

Use your Calvin username and passphrase. If you have any problems with the Patient Portal, or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Health Services.

Requirements include

Health entrance form

We require all new students to answer a few questions regarding their health history, including past surgeries, family history, and allergies. This form assists our staff in knowing health conditions that the student has had, or is currently dealing with, so that proactive health care may be given. A physician’s signature is not required for this document.

Authorization to treat

All minors (students under the age of 18) are required to have a parent or guardian print and sign this form, granting permission for one of our providers to treat you, should you decide to see us for a medical need.

Tuberculosis self-screening

This screening form will identify students who are at high risk for Tuberculosis (TB). A TB test is required for students who meet certain criteria, such as international students, those who have traveled abroad, or students who have worked in a high-risk setting. To fulfill this requirement, students may submit proof of a skin test or blood test, including QuantiFERON® TB Gold or T-Spot® TB.

Insurance information

All students are required by the university to have ACA approved health insurance, either under a parent’s plan or with the United HealthCare Student Plan, Calvin University’s student health insurance plan. All new students must submit a copy of their health insurance card as proof of insurance and fill out the health insurance coverage information in the patient portal.

We highly recommend consulting with your insurance carrier before waiving the United HealthCare Student Plan to fully understand your plan’s limitations while attending university. Remember to bring your insurance card with you to campus. For more information, please visit our Insurance page.

International students are required to enroll in the United HealthCare Student Plan in order to meet the university’s minimum insurance standard. Do not purchase other travel insurance or other emergency-only plans. They are not considered comparable, and do not meet Calvin University’s minimum insurance guidelines.

Immunization history

A hard copy of the student’s vaccination record, signed by a health care provider, is required for all incoming students. Vaccination records can be uploaded from the Patient Portal, or they may be mailed or faxed to Health Services.

Please visit our Immunizations page for a full list of what vaccinations are required for incoming students.

All requirements must be met by the deadline specified in new student correspondence from Health Services. Ideally, these are all met by the start of your incoming semester. Health Services does allow for a 30-day grace period into the semester before any fees or consequences are assessed. If you are not compliant by the deadline, you will be charged a $50 non-refundable fee and your registration account will be put on hold. If a registration hold is placed, all requirements must be completely satisfied before this can be lifted.×

Physical fitness examinations

A physical examination is not required. However if you plan to participate in varsity athletics, please contact the Sports Medicine Department for guidelines and requirements for sports physicals. Please note that if you are a student-athlete, your athletics physical will not be accepted in lieu of the required forms listed above.