Announcing the Canadian Exchange Rate Grant

As a Canadian-American institution Calvin University is excited to announce the Canadian Exchange Rate Grant for residents of Canada.

This grant helps you pay your US tuition bill in Canadian Dollars. Qualifying students will receive a grant from Calvin for the 2023–24 academic year.

You qualify if you meet these criteria
  • you have residency status in Canada
  • you will be a new incoming student at Calvin in the fall of 2023 (transfer students also qualify)
  • you will be an undergraduate degree-seeking student at Calvin

Here are the details:

  • the grant applies to tuition, not other costs such as room & board
  • the exchange rate caps at $1 CAD = $0.70 USD
  • you could receive up to $5,000 USD
  • an annual percentage rate will be determined prior to the beginning of the academic year and applied to any calculation or recalculation occurring during the given academic year

This grant only applies to residents of Canada. For residents in all other countries, your exchange rate is accounted for in the evaluation of your family’s financial circumstances based on the information submitted on your admission application.

Have questions about whether you qualify? Contact us at or 1-800-688-0122.


Apply for admission

Target date: January 1

You will automatically be considered for academic scholarships upon admission.


Submit financial aid forms

Due date: April 1


Complete the financial review process

  • Your immigration documents (I-20 form) will not be issued until we’ve determined your financial ability to cover costs.
  • Financial aid forms and supporting documents will be reviewed by the international financial aid committee to determine eligibility for financial aid programs. (Questions? Speak with our international admission staff.)


Receive your financial aid package

Starting: February

The moment you’ve been waiting for: see all the aid that’ll be available to you once the school year starts. Use Calvin’s Financial Aid Self Service portal to:


Confirm your enrollment

Target date: June 1

Make your final decision and confirm your enrollment »