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  • Q: How does the newest executive order affect catering on campus?

    A: Catering is limited to a maximum of 10 guests per room, including six feet of social distancing. This is subject to change given current executive order and local health code. We will continue to adjusted our service to accommodate state guidelines.

    A:  Any line for food we ask there to be the standard six feet of distance between guest

Dining Halls

  • Q: What has dining services done to address student requests for additional hours and variety of meals?

    A: We reopened the salad bar this past semester. This gives the student a healthier option and more choices to choose from.

    A: Last semester we introduced four different menu concepts, two in each dining hall. All four will have options for our campus community with dietary needs.

    A: We started our Sack Lunch program this past semester that gives our student diners another meal option if they want to skip the lines during lunch and dinner. You can find more information about our sack lunches on Johnny's home page.

  • Q: How does the newest executive order affect dining on campus?

    A: Staff that cannot socially distance while working are required to wear both a mask and shield/safety goggles.

    A: Salad bars are still prepackaged and grab n go.

    A: Diners are to wear a mask in the dining halls unless you are eating is still a requirement. This limits everyones exposure to to everyones air particles

    A: Take out containers are still available for all students, faculty and staff.

    A: All containers will continue to be handed to each guest individually, except for the salad bars. Which are now pre-packaged and grab n go.

    A: Indoor seating is still limited to roughly 150 seats per dining hall and distanced according to state's social distancing guidelines

    A: Tables and chairs will be cleaned and sanitized in between each seating.

    A: All high-touch areas will be cleaned and sanitized at least every 30 minutes.

    A: All condiments and napkins will continue to be served by our staff.

    A: Students will need to review the Calvin Policy and Protocols for Campus Visitors. Students with block plans or using Knight's Bucks will be able to bring guests into the dining halls as long as they are fellow students or Calvin faculty and Staff.

  • Q: With the new concepts, will Calvin Dining Services still be able to accommodate special dietary needs, allergens, vegans, and vegetarians?

    A: Yes, Every meal will have options that are allergen-friendly and animal friendly and all food items will be labeled clearly to help diners find something that meets their needs or restrictions. When in doubt ask one of our amazing staff members for help.

  • Q: Why is Calvin Dining Services using disposable and why not eco-friendly disposables?

    A: We are currently required by the local health department to use disposable which is line with CDC recommendations. We have attempted to source eco-friendly disposables through current suppliers and we are getting what we can. Right now there is a shortage of large to-go containers.

  • Q: Will students receive a refund on room and board because they will not be returning to campus after Thanksgiving?

    A: We do not anticipate issuing refunds for these days, given the overall increased costs to the institution that we anticipate as we prepare and maintain a safe housing program for the fall 2020 semester. Some of the COVID-related changes we anticipate are in areas such as cleaning, food service, and care for individual students who may become ill during the semester (who may require isolation space, food delivery, etc.). These services increase costs but will be assumed within the constraints of the current budget for room and board. In addition, housing options will remain available for students unable to travel home at Thanksgiving break (additional details about the process to apply/petition for an exception to stay on campus will be shared in the months ahead).

  • Q: What will the eating experience be like when it gets cold?

    A: We've added more inside standing room in Knollcrest and directional signage in commons to add more inside standing room.

  • Q: When are the Dining Hall opening for the winter semester?

    A: Commons is scheduled to open on January 18, 2021 and Knollcrest is scheduled to open on January 5, 2021 but the date is subject to change.

  • Q: What will happen to my CD meal plan when the semester end?

    A: CD meal plans are being extended until the end of interim.

  • Q: Will meal plans roll over to the next semester?

    A: Fall 2020 Meal Plans will end on January 1/31/2021. The Spring 2021 plans start on 2/1/2021. Meals and Knight Bucks from the Fall semester do not roll into the Spring semester.

  • Q: When does Uppercrust Open?

    A: January 18, 2021 from 11 a.m. -  8 p.m. Monday through Friday

  • Q: Can you still look up names if I forget my I.D.?

    A: Currently, with the new system, we are unable to do so. So please make sure you have your I.D. or the Eatable App to swipe into the dining halls.


  • Q: How does the newest executive order affect dining at Johnny's?

    A: Johnny’s and it’s staff will continue to observe physical distancing guidelines, decreasing dining capacity, and changing disposables and packaging to ensure that prepared food remains free from cross-contamination, and plexiglass at check out to provide a barrier for our customers.

    A: Johnny's still requires all employees to wear masks and gloves during services. Employees will also be required to change gloves out every hour.

    A: Indoor seating is still available for students. All tables will be marked with seating availability, capacity and socially distanced.

  • Q: Will there be more healthy options for sack lunches?

    A: Yes, we've recently added additional salad options for sack lunches. Please continue to leave comments and we will adjust our offerings accordingly.

  • Q: What will happen to my Knight Bucks at the end of the semester?

    A: Access Knight Bucks for the Fall 2020 semester will end 1/31/2021. Your Knight bucks will be reset with the start of your Spring 2021 meal plan on 2/1/2021.

  • Q: When is Johnny's opening for the winter semester?

    A: January 18, 2021, retail items only. The hours for the remainder of interim are 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday - Friday. For the remainder of the semester the hours are 7:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. Monday - Friday. Regular business hours will resume on February 1, 2021


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