Meal Plans

  • Q: When do meal plans end?

    A: The last day to use meal swipes will be Thursday, April 27th.

    A: The last day to use Knight Bucks will be Saturday, April 29th at Johnny's or Peet's.

  • Q: Will my meal plan roll over into the next year

    A: All student meal plans and Knight Bucks will expire at the end of the semester. Faculty and Staff meal plans will roll over to the Fall semester and can be used when the dining halls open for early arrivals.

Main Office


Dining Halls

  • Q: Where do I turn in my Green2Go containers?

    A: Please turn in your Green2Go container or Green2Go Chip to any checker stand and let the checker know you are done for the year by Thursday, April 28th. We will record your name and ID number. Any student that is enrolled in the Green2Go program but does not turn in their container will be charged an $5.00 fee to their students accounts.

  • Q: Where do I apply to work with dining in the Fall?

    A: Click here to view and apply for jobs working with dining.



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