Calvin Dining Services (CDS) strives to help students, faculty and staff to understand, practice and promote sound environmental policies concerning reduced of food waste and the promoted recycling.

As a result, CDS works to stay abreast of environmental issues and to implement environmentally responsible policies whenever fiscally and practically possible. To date, CDS has implemented intensive recycling programs for packaging materials to reduce waste. In partnership with the student Environmental Stewardship Coalition, CDS has supported the “CUPPS” (Cannot Use Paper Plastic Styrofoam) mug program to reduce consumption of disposable beverage cups.

Currently, CDS:

  • Buys regional produce in season.
  • Instituted Green 2 Go, an ecofriendly and reusable food container program for faculty, staff, and students.
  • Supports local organic farms.
  • Promotes eating “low on the food chain” for health and environmental reasons.
  • Minimizes the use of disposable dinnerware.
  • Works more closely with food suppliers to reduce packaging waste.
  • Implements a reusable mug program with discounted drinks at retail locations.
  • Partners with Food Recovery Network to contribute excess food to the homeless and needy.
  • Reduces food waste by composting.

An acronym for Sustainability and Ecological Engagement and Development, the SEED™ Certification program was designed with three goals in mind: to encourage participation in our Grow™ initiative–that is, the use of sustainable and ecologically friendly practices; to give recognition to those who are actively pursuing these goals; and to help our accounts market their sustainability initiatives to current and prospective students and employees.

SEED™ Certification is a voluntary initiative. The certification process involves compiling points through sustainable and ecologically friendly practices. Points can be gained in the following categories: Non-Food Waste, Food Waste, Energy & Resources and Sourcing. These points are tracked and totalled through site audits. Silver level is achieved with 1,200 points, Gold with 2,000 and Platinum with 3,500. SEED™ Certified locations receive ecologically-friendly plaques, as well as other display materials, to let their customers know about their commitment to sustainability and ecologically friendly practices. Currently Commons is Silver and both Knollcrest & Johnny's Cafe are Gold certified levels.