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Calvin University Cohorts

Pursue Your Passion in a Tight-Knit Community

A small group of students, distinguished by a shared passion, learning and applying their learning together—that's a Calvin cohort.

Calvin's cohorts blur the line between the classroom and the real world. Together with students and faculty from different majors, you'll pursue a common theme all throughout your college experience, starting in your first year.

Applications for students starting at Calvin in fall 2024 are open!

If you are starting Calvin after 2024, please send us your information (see form below) and we'll invite you to apply when the application is open to you. Email with questions.

Cohorts at Calvin

Students surveying local homeowners as part of a research project.

Honors Scholars

Next available for the Calvin class of 2028.

Ask difficult questions with humility, explore with wonder, and pursue advanced academic opportunities. Ready for a deep pursuit of excellence?

Students surveying local homeowners as part of a research project.

Common Good Collective

Next available for the Calvin class of 2028.

Cultivate personal character and work toward the common good, amid polarization and divisions at home and around the world.

Sustainability Fellows

Next available for the Calvin class of 2028.

Attitudes, policies, and habits affect our environments—get to work shaping communities that recognize and respect the creation we're part of.

A view from above looking down a students sketching.

Arts Collective

Next available for the Calvin class of 2028.

Imagine, create, and perform as part of a tight-knit group of creative minds from every discipline.

Ministry Leadership

Next available for the Calvin class of 2028.

Practice leadership, build community, and love the church as part of a group of students passionate about combining their skills and studies with Christ-centered service.

Students and professor posing as a group in a science lab.

Health Ambassadors

NEW for the Calvin class of 2028.

There’s never been a greater need for thoughtful problem-solvers from every discipline to chart a course toward healthier communities. You can be one of those leaders.

Two students at a laptop discussing a problem.

Digital Life Guild

NEW for the Calvin class of 2028.

Confront injustice, pursue renewal, and promote the good in our always-online, interconnected world.


Why you should apply to a cohort

Lean into what you love - What’s your passion? Your fellow cohort-members will share it. And while you won’t all be like-minded, you’ll be like-hearted. Together, you’ll start overcoming obstacles and bringing renewal into the world, even before you graduate.
Opportunities galore - Advanced opportunities open up to you when you join a cohort. Each cohort is different, but your experience might include study abroad, internships, and networking in your field.
Gain instant community - Your professors will become mentors. Your peers will become friends. You’ll be amazed at the connections you make and how you grow together.
In-demand experience - Along with your teammates, you'll do practical, real-world work that's relevant to your field. That kind of beyond-the-classroom experience will set you and your resume apart in the job market after you graduate.

How to apply to a cohort

Step 1: Apply and be admitted to Calvin! The Calvin application opens August 1, 2023.

Step 2: Once admitted, complete the Calvin Cohorts Application by December 15, 2023.

Step 3: If invited, attend a Calvin Cohorts Preview & Interview Day in February 2024.

When you find a cohort that looks interesting, read the full page carefully for any special requirements or deadlines. You can apply to more than one cohort, but you can only participate in one cohort once at Calvin.

Note: Cohort applications will only be accepted for students starting at Calvin in the fall 2024 semester. If you’ll be starting at Calvin earlier, we would love to help you discover your other opportunities at Calvin. We invite you to plan a visit.

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