In 1998, Calvin University received a grant from the Detroit-based McGregor Fund to establish a program of student fellowships for summer research with faculty in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. The resulting McGregor Fellowship program has funded collaborative student-faculty research since 1999. Although the original McGregor investment has been exhausted, the program operates with the generous support of private donors and continues to attract Calvin's "best and brightest" students and faculty to collaborative research projects.

2023 McGregor Summer Research Fellowships in Humanities and Social Sciences

Student Faculty Mentor Project Title
Jacob Foll Mark Bjelland, Geology, Geography, and Environment Post-Industrial Spaces: The New Inner City and What Was Left Behind
Samuel Fynewever Abraham Ceballos-Zapata, World Languages - Spanish The Language Ecology of English Language Teaching in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Ethan VanOrman Kevin den Dulk, Political Science Restorative Justice for Returning Citizens: A Mapping Project
Benjamin Enos, Micah Machiela, and Adham Rishmawi Michael Dirksen, Political Science Leading on Lead Pipe Removal: A Cross-Municipal Evaluation of Michigan's Novel Lead Service Line Replacement Program
Elisabeth Stevens Kristin Du Mez, Historical Studies Live Laugh Love: A Cultural History of White Christian Womanhood
Isaac Bos Herb Fynewever, Chemistry & Biochemistry Interaction of Public Policy and the Practice of Chemistry in Society
Haley Prell Craig Hanson, Visual and Performing Arts; and Jamie Skillen, Geology, Geography, and Environment Understanding Calvin's Knollcrest Campus, Part 2: The East Campus
Yoseob Lim and Gynelle Sackie-Mensah Sung Soo Lim, Economics Aspirations of Nations for the Post-Fossil Fuel Era
Jenna Allman Mark Mulder, Sociology Antiracism in a Progressive Mainline Denomination