The McGregor Program process:

Faculty proposals are due January 26, 2024. A selection committee will decide on the set of faculty projects to be funded. Accepted projects are in the Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences. The selected faculty will be designated as McGregor Faculty Mentors and may receive a stipend of $1000 (in the first June 2024 paycheck). Faculty that already receive a summer salary may not be eligible for a stipend. Eligibility: Tenure-Track or Term Faculty.

NOTE for Faculty mentors: As you consider proposing a project for the McGregor Program, please read carefully through the McGregor Faculty Mentor Expectations and Responsibilities

Student applications are due February 22, 2024. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 is required. Individual students may not apply to more than three projects. McGregor Student Fellows will earn $12.50/hour during nine weeks of full-time work (no more than 40 hours per week) up to a maximum of 360 hours.

Each McGregor Faculty Mentor will review the applications submitted for her/his project and will select a student awardee and two alternates. The Dean for faculty development and the McGregor director will approve the final student awardees. Faculty mentors are required to attend an orientation at the beginning of summer.

Fellowships to be announced mid-March.

Summer Schedule: Between May 13 and July 24, 2024, McGregor scholars and their faculty mentors will work closely together on their specific projects. All students and mentors will break for the week of June 10-June 14 and a long weekend for the Fourth of July, July 4 and 5. Each week, scholars will attend a lunchtime meeting with the McGregor director. These meetings serve two main purposes. First, through interaction with faculty-mentor presenters, the meetings will introduce students to the life of a scholar, ranging from what to expect in graduate school, to the meaning of Christian scholarship, to specific research methodologies. Second, the meetings will help students to articulate within the smaller group the challenges and successes in their ongoing projects. Students are required to attend all the scheduled meetings. In addition to these weekly meetings, social events are planned throughout the summer for students and faculty.

Each student is required to present research results at a professional presentation on July 19. Faculty mentors are also required to attend the day of research presentations. Please note on your application if you are unable for any reason to be present that week for the student presentations, either as a mentor or as a student.

There is no housing provided within the McGregor Program. Students can reach out to the Calvin housing office if they are interested in living on campus.