As the Covid-19 vaccine becomes more available, Calvin is cautiously optimistic about re-starting our off-campus programs. For the 2021-22 academic year we hope to run the following semester programs: Hungary (F), Spain (S), Honduras (S), Britain (S), and Washington DC (S). Continue to consult these pages and check Student News for updates.

Discover people, places and cultures on one of Calvin's world-class off-campus programs. Study abroad and see just how big, or small, the world really is.

Calvin wants you to engage with the world firsthand, and our semester programs are designed to make taking that next step as simple as possible. Who says that three months in Hungary can't fit into your schedule, or that you can't afford to see the Machu Picchu? Transferable course credits, comparable tuition costs, and a variety of education tracks for different majors make our off-campus semester programs an easy way to make the most out of your four years.

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