The Impact of Clean Water in Honduras 2023

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  • Location: Honduras
  • Dates: Course meets on-campus through spring semester, with travel to Honduras 2/25—3/5, 2023
  • Cost: Free (exact)

Draw on various disciplines to propose sustainable, culturally appropriate solutions to the clean water crisis in Honduras.

Rural communities in Honduras must rely on localized systems for clean water, usually point-of-use filtration. Students in this course will address the lack of sustainable systems by helping to implement new filter systems on site and surveying communities to quantify the impact of clean water on health. Students will learn how the availability of clean water relates to nutrition, poverty, life expectancy, education, employment, and income of the local community. Students will discern the nature of the problem regarding clean water availability on a local, national, and global level; and also wrestle with potential solutions to this pervasive and complex problem. Students will discuss the role of clean water in promoting equity, and access to clean water as a basic human right. Students will integrate various disciplines together to propose sustainable solutions that are culturally appropriate. Travel costs will be paid for through a grant for the Clean Water Institute of Calvin University.


This course (PUBH 385) meets on campus every Wednesday afternoon before and after the trip to Honduras (2/25—3/5).


Free (exact)

Airfare is covered by a grant from the Clean Water Institute of Calvin University.

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Douglas Vander Griend

Douglas Vander Griend

Professor; Director, Clean Water Institute;, Department Chair
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Maria Rodriguez

Maria Rodriguez

Assistant Professor, Director, Advanced Semester in Honduras 2018
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