Beyond offering a wide variety of its own off-campus programs, Calvin also supports students who find other programs that they think better meet their needs. Below are non-Calvin programs in which Calvin students regularly participate.

Students participating in these programs may receive Calvin financial and administrative support. Partner programs allow 100% of Calvin financial aid to be used for the program, and non-Calvin programs allow students to take 50% of Calvin financial aid if they apply for and are awarded a “slot.” Students may also choose to participate in programs not on this list, but levels of Calvin support may vary.

How to apply

If you are interested in studying on a non-Calvin program, you are encouraged to stop by the Off-Campus Programs Office for additional information. You will need to apply to the non-Calvin program as well as completing the steps necessary for Calvin through Horizons, our online application system. Please note that for Partner Programs and Exchange programs, you should find the name of the program in Horizons (Chicago, Vienna, JCMU, Oman, Lignan, Handong). For other non-Calvin Programs, you should find and apply for "Other Non-Calvin Programs." Please go to the Application Process Page to view the checklist for your program.

Categories of Non-Calvin Programs:

These programs are offered through organizations that partner with Calvin to deliver the actual program.  These programs have been identified for students to fulfill specific requirements in certain majors.  100% of Calvin funded financial aid will be applied, meaning your full financial aid package that you are receiving on campus would move with you to these off-campus programs for the semester.  It is important to note that the cost of some semester program may exceed the cost of attending Calvin.  You would need to pay for the cost differential   Calvin-Partnered Programs include: 

Calvin has also established a number of exchange programs with other institutions.  These programs have been developed to allow equal number of students to be exchanged between two institutions.  As one Calvin student goes to an overseas institution, a student from this institution attends Calvin. Exchanges have often been set up for students in specific majors.  Students pay Calvin tuition (to Calvin) and are also responsible for other costs such as room and board, transportation, and immunizations).  If interested please contact the Off-Campus Programs Office for more information.  Current exchange programs exist with the following institutions: 

Calvin recognizes the wide variety of quality programs that are offered by other organizations throughout the world that might fit better with a student’s interests and major/minor.  While Calvin cannot support an unlimited number of students studying in these programs, it has created a process by which students can apply for and receive a “slot” that allows them to take 50% of their Calvin financial aid along with 100% of financial aid funded by sources outside Calvin to help finance their participation in these programs. 

Although the number of slots may vary from year to year, typically there are between 10 to 20 slots offered each year. An application for one of these slots is part of the online application you will complete for Calvin. (Instructions can be found here.) Applications for a slot for either fall or spring of the following academic year will start to be reviewed April 1 and will continue until all slots are filled or until June 1, the final deadline for slots for the following academic year. (Note: this deadline is the same for both fall or spring applications in the upcoming academic year.)

Students are encouraged to explore the wide variety of potential programs. See a sample of the programs Calvin students have attended in the past below.

If your application for a Calvin supported slot is not supported, you are still welcome to participate in that program although Calvin funded financial aid will not be available, although 100% of your financial aid funded by sources outside Calvin would apply to the program.  In this scenario, the host institution would bill Calvin and the student would be responsible for paying Calvin tuition as well as any additional program costs.   

Summary of Financial Aid for non-Calvin Programs:





Type of Program

Percent of Federal, State, and other Non-Calvin aid that applies to the program cost


Percent of Calvin aid that applies to the program cost

Calvin partnered semester programs (Chicago Semester, JCMU, & Central College Vienna)





Calvin Supported programs

Student has applied for and been awarded one of the pre-determined number of slots to receive 50% of Calvin issued financial aid





Independent Studies:  Student has not been awarded a slot for 50% of Calvin aid (could also go on hiatus from Calvin)



None, must submit cost figures for program along with preliminary application

Non-Calvin programs

Other Non-Calvin Programs Students Have Attended