Chicago Semester (Partner)

Basic information

  • Location: Chicago, Illinois | Map
  • Dates: Fall, Spring
  • Class requirement: Junior
  • GPA requirement: 2.5 or 3.0, depending on program+
  • Cost: To be announced

Welcome to your new classroom, the bustling urban center of downtown Chicago. Discover the ins and outs of city life, work as a professional with one of the program's top-notch internship partners, and explore the diverse and artistic culture of this great city—all from a Christian perspective.

For more information, visit the Chicago Semester website.
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Chicago, Illinois

Things to do

Chicago is home to enough museums, galleries, theaters, restaurants, arenas, parks and beaches to keep your semester full of new experiences.

Visit to search attractions, explore pre-planned itineraries, get food tips from locals, and find other travel resources.

Chicago began as a small trading post in the early 1800s and has since become one of the largest and most culturally diverse cities in America.
Approx. 2,695,600


All seminars are held at the Chicago Semester office and taught by CS staff. Students may choose between two tracks of study:

General Students

All students must register for:

  • An internship
  • Practicum Group
  • The Metropolitan Seminar
  • The Values and Vocations Seminar OR the Arts and the City seminar
Professional Tracks

Students may take a professional track in nursing, social work, general, or student teaching. Check with your advisor and refer to CS' course information.

Learn more about direct-enroll transfer credits in academic services.


CS partners with local neighborhoods to house students in apartments where they can be true Chicago residents, not just visitors. Students may request a roommate or have one assigned to them.

Students are not required to live in CS housing (unless they are in the student teaching program), though most choose to do so because of its cost, convenience, and strong sense of community. If you choose to make your own living arrangements, you must still live within Chicago city limits (you cannot commute from the suburbs).


You must be a Junior or Senior to participate in the Chicago semester. The GPA requirement is 2.5 for General students.


The CS program is a non-Calvin program but students remain eligible for Calvin financial aid at the same level as if they were on campus. The cost is the same as Calvin’s tuition, room and board rate plus an administrative fee.

Total living expenses depend upon the lifestyle chosen by each student; however, you can live in Chicago for almost the same cost as room and board for a semester on campus—sometimes cheaper!


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