The tuition and fees reflect the total cost of attending Calvin.

Financial Aid

Most students do not pay the total cost of tuition, room and board, and fees. Learn more about financial aid »

Quick Facts
  • 99%

    of Calvin students receive financial aid

  • $78 million

    awarded to students yearly in the form of scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study.

  • 1,400+

    on-campus jobs

Academic year (fall and spring)

Undergraduate tuition, full-time (12–17 credits) $36,100
Room & Board (21 meal plan) $10,600
Wellness Fee $200

These rates are the direct costs of attending Calvin University. Some courses may have additional program costs.

Undergraduate tuition and fees

Tuition, full-time (12–17 credits) per semester $18,050
Wellness Fee per semester $100
Tuition, Per Credit Hour
1–5 total hours $867
6–11 total hours $1,350
18th hour and above $867


There is no interim charge for regular, on-campus courses if you maintain 12 semester credit hours in either the first semester or second semester, unless you exceed the four-credit-hour limit.

If you maintain 11 semester credit hours in both the first or second semester, the regular semester hour interim tuition charge will be discounted by 25%. Otherwise, you will be charged the regular per-credit-hour charge for interim courses.

If you are a full-time student taking more than four credit hours for an interim course, you will be charged the per-credit-hour charge for the fifth credit and above.

Course fees and off-campus travel costs are in addition to any interim tuition charge.

Off-campus travel costs for the interim term are billed to your miscellaneous account. Payment in full is due by the due date in January.

Summer tuition and fees

Summer 2019 Online & Traditional Courses, Per Credit Hour
Undergraduate $520
Dually Enrolled $413
Auditing Fee $260
Graduate Speech Pathology $917
Graduate Education Courses $502
Graduate Workshop $286

Graduate programs

Graduate Programs 2019–2020, Per Credit Hour
Graduate Education Course $527
Graduate Education Workshop TBD
Speech Pathology (additional clinical fee of $900 for SPAUD 530, 531 & 532) $917
Master of Accounting (MAcc)  $834

Room and board

On-Campus Room and Board 2019–2020, Per Academic Year
Calvin Unlimited Plan - Dine anytime, as many times as you like. $10,600
Gold Plan - 205 Block meals per semester (average 13-14 per week) $10,400
Maroon Plan - 150 Block meals per semester (average 10 per week) $10,110
Knight Plan - 100 Block meals per semester (average 6-7 per week) $9,640

Upperclassman Housing 2019-2020, per Academic Year

Knollcrest East Apartments (Room charge only)                                                                          $4,190