Nursing program

Nursing students will be charged Calvin tuition. In addition, a fee will be assessed for each nursing practicum course. The fee for 2017–2018 is $1,300 per practicum course. Students normally take one practicum course in each semester of the two-year upper division major. This additional fee is considered when financial aid awards are made.

Speech pathology and audiology graduate program

There is an additional clinical fee of $900 per semester for the Speech Pathology MA program. This fee is directly associated with SPAUD 530, 531 & 532. Each time you take one of these courses, you will be charged this fee.

Non-Calvin off-campus program

You will be charged $400 for a non-Calvin sponsored off-campus program.

Course audits

If you choose to audit a class, you will be charged per credit hour for the audited course.

2017–2018 Audit CreditsCost, per credit
0–5 non-audit credits $395
6–11 non-audit credit $615
More than 17 non-audit credits $395
More than 4 credits during interim $615

Visitor program

Members of the community who are not enrolled as students in any college are invited to register as visitors in most lecture classes. Formal admission to the college is not required; however each visitor must obtain permission from the professor and register with the office of academic services before attending class. A student may not visit a course or course component that is by its nature practical or applied, such as applied music or a lab. The fee for each course visited is $55 for the semester, which includes campus parking privileges.

Dually-enrolled credits

Dually-enrolled students are individuals who are still attending high school, but are concurrently enrolled in college courses. As a dually-enrolled student who lives outside of Kent County, you may take up to two college courses per semester at $395 per credit during 2017–2018.  If you live in Kent County your first course will be billed at the rate reimbursed by the State of Michigan. Your second course will be billed at $395 per credit hour and any additional courses exceeding two will be billed at $1,230 per credit hour. For further clarification please contact the Admissions Office at (616) 526-7649.

Individual music lessons

Lesson TypeCost
Twelve one-hour lessons, per semester, 200-300 level courses $600
Twelve half-hour lessons, per semester, 000-100 level courses $300

Kinesiology Courses

Cycling (PER 103) $15
Bowling (PER 137) $70
Golf I/II (PER 132/133) $35
Wilderness Pursuits (PER 138) $60
Rock Climbing I/II (PER 141/142) $15
Canoeing (PER 143) $60
Nutrition (HE 254) $15
First Aid (HE 203) $30
Archery (PER 140) $30