Types of plans

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  • Dining dollars

    Dining dollars is a debit card system accessed through your ID card which can be used at all dining locations. You can upload amounts through our Eatable app by connecting your debit/credit card. You can also stop in the Dining Services office, located in the Commons Building, to add money by credit/debit, cash, check or misc account. There is a $25 minumum when loading your Dining Dollars.

  • Changes to meal plans

    Residents must indicate the meal plan of their choice on their housing contract. Meal plan changes may be made during the first week of classes during the first or second semester. Meal plans may not be changed for interim. Changes can be made by filling out the form below.

    Meal Plan Change Form

  • Lost/misplaced ID cards

    You are required to keep your ID card with you at all times. If you have lost or misplaced your ID, please visit the Student Life Office They will re-issue you a new ID card for a fee of $25.