Types of plans

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  • Dining dollars

    Dining dollars is a debit card system accessed through your ID card. You select the amount you'd like on your ID card and stop in the food services office to have money added (cash or check only). Dining dollars are accepted at all dining locations.

  • No cash? No dining dollars? No problem.

    Your ID card can also be a credit card. Swipe your card and the amount will be added to your miscellaneous statement, which you pay at the end of each month through financial services.

  • Changes to meal plans

    Residents must indicate the meal plan of their choice on their housing contract. Meal plan changes may be made during the first week of classes during the first or second semester. Meal plans may not be changed for interim. Changes can be made in the housing office, located in the student life office within the Spoelhof Center.

  • Lost/misplaced ID cards

    You are required to keep your ID card with you at all times. If you have lost or misplaced your ID, please visit the Student Life Office They will re-issue you a new ID card for a fee of $25. Until your ID card is either found or replaced, the line checker will ask for a $5 deposit each time you enter the Dining Halls to eat. Once your card is replaced, please visit the dining services office within seven days to receive your deposit back.