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Spanish Immersion

Continue your immersion studies at Calvin

Have you been enrolled in a Spanish immersion program throughout your primary and secondary education? At Calvin, your Spanish immersion experience gives you a jump start into college study while saving you time and money.

  • Hit the ground running

    • Earn up to 22 college credits by the time you graduate from high school. These credits also get you a Spanish minor if you enroll and complete your bachelor’s degree at Calvin.

  • Unlock advanced studies abroad

    • Choose to go on a study abroad trip to Mexico, Peru, or Spain, where you’ll expand your knowledge of the Spanish-speaking world alongside a Calvin professor and other immersion students.

  • Enhance any other discipline

    • Getting a head start on college classes gives you space to creatively pair Spanish with fields like health professions, speech pathology, or engineering, or even to start a new world language.

Who qualifies for the Spanish Immersion program?

This program is for dual-enrollment students - that is, high students who opt to take some classes at Calvin University. These immersion classes will count toward the total course load at a student's high school. To participate in the immersion program, students must meet eligibility requirements (qualifying AP score, high school recommendation, etc.). Contact Calvin or your high school for more info.

Learn how to apply for dual enrollment.

When are courses offered?

Students take one course per semester in their junior and senior years. Courses are taken in-person or online, synchronously, or semi-asynchronously, depending on school location and the nature of the course content. Calvin works with school staff to find suitable times for course offerings.

How much does it cost?

Calvin charges Spanish immersion students and their families at a two-thirds discount on our published tuition rates for dual-enrollment students. That represents an enormous savings for Calvin University course credit!

What courses are available?

The typical Spanish Immersion course sequence is shown below.

Fall Spring
Junior Year Spanish 300 Spanish 341
Senior Year Spanish 308 Spanish 309

Calvin’s Spanish Immersion Program builds on your many years of Spanish language study, and welcomes you into one of the most supportive communities on campus.” Dwight TenHuisen, Spanish department chair


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