Interested in starting a new Club at Calvin?
The guidelines and procedures on this page will help you get started.

Start a Student Club

The process to begin a Student Club is a relatively easy process. Being an Student Club gives you access to $150 of funding per semester, opportunity to market your org (posters, social media, and Cokes and Clubs) and reserve space for your organization to meet.

Steps to start a Student Club

Read first: Student Organizations Guidelines and Responsibilities »

  1. Complete the Student Club Application. (ALL MATERIALS ARE DUE BY APRIL 9 by mid-night)
  2. Your Student Club must have two student leaders 
  3. Complete the student leader commitment form (every person on next year's leadership team needs to submit this form).
  4. Student Clubs orgs applications will be evaluated by the Student Org Council. Clubs will be notified by April 21.