Student Organizations Guidelines and Responsibilities

Basic information

Each organization must

  1. Seek to reflect the educational mission of the university and provide benefit to Calvin students and the campus as a whole.
  2. Have at least twelve active members. The student organization's activity should be of potential benefit to the entire student body or to a large enough group of the student body to justify the use of Calvin resources for its activities.
  3. Welcome any interested Calvin student. In addition, Calvin faculty and staff may be invited to participate in the activities of a student organization.
  4. Record and report its operations and activities on a regular basis to the Coordinator of Campus Involvement and Student Life Committee (SLC) through self-evaluations and interaction with the Campus Involvement and Leadership office.
  5. Plan, promote and execute at least one event per year open to the whole campus.
  6. Select a leadership team.
  7. Complete the rechartering process each year.
  8. Apply for funding from the student organization budget based on the SLC's approval of the organization's charter and a satisfactory annual review.
  9. Limit the level of student organization activity on Sundays in keeping with Calvin's Sabbath observance.
  10. Meet the following criteria if it is a sports-related student organization:
    1. Must have a recreational focus. Competitive aspects of an organization must be limited to no more than 10 competitions per academic year.
    2. Must have limited liability for the university, ensuring that no additional insurance coverage is needed.
    3. Must be in the purview of the student organization's advisor and not require the use of a coach.

Responsibilities of student organization leaders

  1. Participate in Cokes and Clubs during the first week of classes to recruit new members and to advertise your organization to the Calvin community.
  2. Set a yearly vision and goals for the organization.
  3. Create a hospitable environment fostering an acceptance and diversity of people, opinions and experiences.
  4. Promote and maintain the organization’s active presence on Calvin’s campus.
  5. Develop a proactive relationship with your organization's advisor:
    • Discuss expectations with your advisor.
    • Schedule regular meetings (at least once per month) with your advisor.
    • Consult with your advisor before making any changes to the policies of the organization.
    • Remember that the success or failure of your organization rests ultimately with the organization, not the advisor.
    • Acknowledge and express gratitude for the advisor's time and energy.
    • Notify the advisor of all major meetings, events and projects the organization is working on.
    • Consult with the advisor if an event or publication has the possibility of being perceived as inappropriate before the publication is produced or the event is scheduled.
  6. Facilitate regular communication with the Coordinator of Campus Involvement:
    • Meet with the Coordinator of Campus Involvement.
    • Complete the goal setting form in the fall.
    • Request approval for events at least one week in advance using the event and activity form.
    • Participate in an audit in November with the Student Organization Finance Committee.
    • Submit a student organization mid-year self-evaluation.
  7. Attend student leader meetings and complete 2 leadership tap-in's per semester.
  8. Maintain thorough and accurate financial records, requesting assistance from the Student Organization Finance Chair when necessary.
  9. Maintain good academic standing and exercise good judgment consistent with the student conduct code.
  10. Attend the presidential cookout at the end of the year.

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