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New student orientation helps assist new students in making a successful transition to the academic and cultural environment of Calvin. Orientation interns play an integral role in this process by: planning and executing orientation programs and Quest welcome week programs; recruiting, selecting, training, and leading a staff of orientation leaders; supporting Calvin’s mission in day-to-day contact with new students and their parents; and participating in appropriate evaluation of Calvin's orientation programs.

There are six orientation interns who will work with the Campus Involvement and Leadership Office staff to administer the orientation programs.

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  • Who can apply?

    Any Calvin student with the following characteristics may apply for an orientation intern position:

    • Committed to helping new students make a smooth and successful adjustment to Calvin.
    • Willingness to exercise gifts of creativity, hospitality, and service.
    • Possesses general understanding of Calvin's campus environment (current or previous experience in orientation, a student organization, student leadership, or campus office is required).
    • Demonstrates confidence and maturity in interpersonal relationships.
    • Strives to manifest Christian commitment in thought, word, and deed.
    • Maintains full-time student status at Calvin and fulfills the college's eligibility requirements for participation in campus activities as reflected in the Student Handbook.
    • Has a minimum GPA of 2.5.

    Preference will be given to applying junior and senior students.

    In addition, experience has taught us that serving as both an orientation intern and as an RA or in residence hall leadership is not possible. Therefore, if a student accepts an intern position, he or she cannot pursue an RA or residence hall leadership position for the fall. The time commitment of each leadership position precludes service in both simultaneously.

  • Specific responsibilities

    Orientation interns will begin serving in February 2020 and will complete their service in the end of September 2020—except for assisting in the selection of the following year’s orientation interns in the winter. They will be involved in all aspects of Calvin's orientation programs, including the programs for first-year students, transfer students, and parents.

    Orientation interns are required to be available during the spring and summer months to coordinate and staff the program. Interns will be given three weeks off during the summer (July 1–20).

    Month-by-Month Breakdown

    February-May (Interns are required to be enrolled on-campus during spring semester.)

    • Interns' commitment will be between 6–12 hours per week between February 11 and final exams.
    • They will establish an outline and timeline for all orientation operations.
    • Interns will attend weekly scheduled meetings to receive training for their position, build camaraderie, set goals, and discuss and plan summer and fall orientation.
    • Interns will coordinate and participate in the selection of orientation leaders and plan the first group meetings with them.


    • Interns will begin to work in the office full-time on Tuesday, May 26, 2020.
    • During the summer, interns will organize and plan for PASSPORT and QUEST.
    • Interns will finalize and execute all events and activities related to PASSPORT and will ensure that PASSPORT runs efficiently and effectively.
    • During the three PASSPORT orientation sessions, interns will be responsible for operations of all the orientation activities.
    • Interns will participate in orientation leader training and provide leadership for them during QUEST.
    • Interns will participate in a complete evaluation of the orientation program.


    • Interns will work 20 hours in the beginning of the fall to finalize their work and develop a few extended Orientation Programs.
    • Interns will also assist the Campus Involvement and Leadership staff in the selection process for the following year's orientation interns during the spring semester.
  • What's the compensation?

    Orientation interns will receive $5,750 and free housing at the KE appartments for their dedicated efforts.

  • How to Apply
    Apply now!

    All applicants should plan on attending one of two mandatory informational meetings. All application materials must be returned to Campus Involvement and Leadership in the Commons Annex, no later than Sunday, January 19. Applicants will only be considered once all materials, including online recommendations, are submitted.

    Steps to apply:

    1. Attend an Informational Meeting.
    2. Complete an online application.
    3. Submit the names and emails of 40 students who could speak to your abilities to serve in this role. These would be students who have lived with you, been in your orientation group, etc. Email the Excel spreadsheet to orientation@calvin.edu
    4. Contact two people to submit online recommendations. Applicants are responsible for contacting their references and ensuring that the recommendation forms are submitted by January 20.
    5. Email a resume to orientation@calvin.edu (resume must be in PDF format).
    6. Sign up online for an interview time.

    What's the selection process?

    Application materials will be reviewed, and successful candidates will be invited to sign up for individual interviews scheduled for January 22, 23, or February 3. Following the individual interviews, applicants will be evaluated and may have the opportunity for the second round of interviews. Applicants will be invited to attend a dinner and complete a presentation on Friday, February 7 and then a group interview on Saturday, February 8 at 6 a.m. Applicants must attend these interviews in order to be considered for this position.

Important dates

  • December 2: Recruitment Begins
  • December 3: Info. Meeting (3–3:30 p.m.)
  • January 13: Info. Meeting (12:30–1 p.m.)
  • January 19: Applications Due
  • January 22–23: Individual Interviews
  • February 7: Group Dinner and Presentations
  • February 8: Group Interview (6 a.m.)
  • February 11: Notification
  • February 12: First OB Meeting (3:30–6 p.m.)
  • March 6‐7: Retreat One
  • April 17–18: Retreat Two
  • April 24: New Admit Day
  • May 26: First Day of Work in the Office
  • May28–June 1: Wilderness Trip
  • June 19: PASSPORT I
  • June 29: PASSPORT II
  • July 1–20: Vacation (Mandatory days off)
  • August 27: PASSPORT III
  • August 28–31: Welcome Week
  • August-October: 1-2 Extended Orientation Programs


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