Calvin University uses PaperCut to manage printing

Faculty, staff, and students can send their print jobs to PaperCut for printing  a couple of ways and release their print jobs at any printer on campus.

The easiest and most reliable way for students to print in PaperCut is called: WebPrint.

Go to: to get started.

It will prompt you to select a printer queue, the # of copies to print, and locate & upload your document. Then go to the printing device you chose (MFD/photocopier or LSR/laser printer) and swipe your ID card.

Your print job will remain in the PaperCut queue for 48 hours before it is automatically deleted.

Something to remember is that before you submit your print job to a print queue, you must decide what kind of device you will print from. That is, do you want to print from ANY LASER printer or from ANY MFD (Multi-Function Device/photocopier). You need to submit your job to a LSR queue to print on any laser printer, and submit to an MFD queue to print on any MFD.

The first 8 printers listed when you start WebPrint are print queues which give you options for printing: to an MFD or laser printer, single-sided or double-sided, and B&W or color.

Note that if you select one of the first 8 print queues, your print job will wait in your queue until you release it at a printer. If you scroll further down the list of devices and select a specific printer, your print job will print immediately, without your swiping your ID card.

You also can release your print job to any printing device without using your ID card by logging in to your PaperCut Portal page. See the link, below.

Can I print from my smartphone?
Yes, if the file is on your phone or if you can access it through the app for where it is stored (OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, DropBox, etc.).
The steps are the same as using WebPrint on a laptop.
Just open a web browser and go to:

App? Is there a PaperCut app for my smartphone or tablet? Sorry, no. Well, if you go the App Store, you will find a PaperCut app, but it is not for the PaperCut product that large organizations like Calvin use.

Finally, for those of you who used EmailPrint in the past, we encourage you to discontinue using it. EmailPrint is slow and kludgy and has multiple steps. It can take longer than 10 minutes (sometimes much longer) for you to receive a confirmation email. Also, it provides no print options. WebPrint is a much better tool.

Help with Printing

Visit the CIT Service Center for detailed printing instructions.

Off campus faculty and staff must connect via GlobalProtect VPN before printing.

Consider using Printing Services for your high volume or customized printing needs. Printing Services is available to assist with your project and offers competitive pricing.