There are many printers in public locations on campus. Printers located in department offices may not be available for student use, so check with the administrative assistant before using them.

The printer name indicates the building and room location, department, and type of printer.

PUBLIC Printers  |  Residence Halls  |  Knollcrest East Apartments

PUBLIC Printer LocationPrinter NameLocationPrinter Type
Commons Annex (CA) CA141-PUBLIC-MFDCOLOR Hallway Color MFD
Covenant Fine Arts Center (CF) CF101A-PUBLIC-LSRCOLOR West Lobby Color Laser
Covenant Fine Arts Center (CF) CF166-PUBLIC-MFD Practice Rooms Hallway MFD
Covenant Fine Arts Center (CF) CF251A-PUBLIC-LSRCOLOR East Lobby Color Laser
Commons (CM) CM158-JOHNNYS-PUBLIC-LSR1 In Johnny's Laser
Chapel (CP) CP176-LabThtrLobby-PUBLIC-LSR1 Lab Theater Lobby Laser
DeVos Communications Center (DC) DC010-PUBLIC-LSR1 Lobby Laser
DeVos Communications Center (DC) DC100-PUBLIC-LSRCOLOR Lobby Color Laser
DeVries Hall (DH) DH011-PUBLIC-MFD Lobby MFD
DeVries Hall (DH) DH121-PUBLIC-LSR1 Study Space Laser
DeVries Hall (DH) DH201-PUBLIC-MFD Study Space MFD
DeVries Hall (DH) DH321-PUBLIC-LSR1 Study Space Laser
Hiemenga Hall (HH) HH226-PUBLIC-MFDCOLOR AV Hallway Color MFD
Hiemenga Hall (HH) HH322-PUBLIC-LSRCOLOR Study Space Laser
Hekman Library (HL) HL102-PUBLIC-LSR1 ITC Lab Laser
Hekman Library (HL) HL102-PUBLIC-MFDCOLOR ITC Lab Color MFD
Hekman Library (HL) HL206-PUBLIC-MFD Hallway MFD
Hekman Library (HL) HL206-PUBLIC-LSR1 Near Reference Desk Laser
Hekman Library (HL) HL314-PUBLIC-MFD Near Stairway MFD
Hekman Library (HL) HL408-PUBLIC-MFD Near Stairway MFD
Hekman Library (HL) HL508-PUBLIC-MFD Near elevator MFD
North Hall (NH) NH166-PUBLIC-MFD Near BUS/ECON Office MFD
Science Building (SB) SB201-PUBLIC-LSRCOLOR Hallway Color Laser
Science Building (SB) SB301-PUBLIC-LSR1 Hallway Laser
Spoelhof University Center (SC) SC200-PUBLIC-LSR1 Lounge Laser
Spoelhof Fieldhouse (SF) SF200-PUBLIC-MFD Near Climbing Wall MFD
Residence HallsPrinter NameLocationPrinter Type
Boer-Bennink (BB) BB-STLF-LSR1 Lobby Laser
Bolt-Heyns-Timmer (BHT) BHT-STLF-LSR1 Lobby Laser
Bolt-Heyns-Timmer (BHT) BL100-STLF-MFD Study Room MFD
Beets-Veenstra (BV) BV-STLF-LSR1 Lobby Laser
Kalsbeek-Huizenga (KH) KH-STLF-LSR1 Lobby Laser
Noordewier-VanderWerp (NVW) NVW-STLF-LSR1 Lobby Laser
Noordewier-VanderWerp (NVW) NVW-STLF-MFD Study Room MFD
Ravenswood/Perkins House (RW) RW-STLF-LSR1 Living Room Laser
Rooks-VanDellen (RVD) RVD-STLF-LSR1 Lobby Laser
Schultze-Eldersveld (SE) SE-STLF-LSR1 Lobby Laser
van Reken (vR) VR-STLF-LSR1 Lobby Laser
Knollcrest East ApartmentsPrinter NameLocationPrinter Type
Gamma (GM) GM-STLF-LSR1 Computer Room Laser
Phi Chi (PH) PC-STLF-LSR1 Computer Room Laser
Theta Epsilon (TE) TE-STLF-MFD Lobby MFD
Zeta Lambda (ZL) ZL-STLF-LSR1 Study Room Laser