The matrix below identifies the forms Calvin requires to process payments to various categories of foreign visitors. In order to receive the payment type at the heading of the column, all of the forms identified with an X must be submitted to the Financial Services Office.

We have not included information on reimbursed business expenses because there are no unique requirements related to foreign nationals.

DocumentationSalary or Wages and Payroll Stipends

B Visa or No Visa

J-1 Visa from Calvin
J-1 Visa from other school
Business Expense
Reimbursement (Note 3)
Scholarship or Fellowship for Student
Honoraria Form   X X X X  
I-9 X          
Foreign National Form X X X X X X

J-1 Letter
Other Institution

I-20 (Note 1) X         X
DS-2019 (Note 1) X   X X X  
I-94 (Note 1) X X X X X X
U.S. Fed ID Required (Note 2) X X X X X X
Tax Withholding (Note 4)  X X X X X X
Tax Reporting X X X X X X
  1. Attach immigration documents to the Foreign National Information Form if you are submitting the questionnaire. Note: Visitors from Canada and Mexico who enter the U.S. without a visa and do not obtain I-94 can still receive payment.

  2. A U.S. Federal ID (Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) is required for tax reporting and treaty exemption. The IRS also requires it on all U.S. tax returns.

  3. Calvin will reimburse the business expenses (transportation, meals and lodging) for short-term visitors as long as the voucher includes business purpose and original receipts supporting the expense.

  4. No withholding if treaty applies.