Calvin is a place where we seek God together as a community. That’s why each day, we take a break from the busyness of our lives to worship through scripture, song, and prayer in a variety of artistic and cultural expressions.

We invite you to join with us as we meet God and learn more about how he works in the world through us. Explore these regular worship opportunities:

Worship opportunities

Daily chapel

Chapel is offered each weekday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10:30-10:50am and Tuesday, Thursday from 9:50-10:10am, in the chapel sanctuary. Each day features a different theme or style of worship, from focusing on God’s word to hearing the faith stories of people in the Calvin community. Join us on Fridays for a truly Calvin tradition—a packed-out songfest led by different student-led worship bands each week.

Chapel is broadcast live each day or you can visit the archives to watch anytime.

Dorm worship

Once a month you have the opportunity to gather with your dorm to worship together. Check your dorm calendar or connect with a Barnabas student in your dorm to find out more information.


Every other Wednesday at 9 p.m., we gather for LOFT (living our faith together), a service where we dedicate our lives to Christ through praise, testimony, prayer and God’s word. Bring your friends to enjoy life-giving worship and great cookies afterwards!


Awakening is a Korean student-led worship team at Calvin University that was founded in 2019. Awakening was founded by Korean students who desired a Korean style of worship, so that students could passionately praise and seek God in the language that they were comfortable in. Awakening continues to prepare a place of worship in Korean and contributes to the diverse worship within Calvin’s community. Throughout each semester, the team organizes 30-minute weekly prayer nights every Wednesday at 9:15PM in CFAC 115, and a worship night near the end of every semester. To hear more about Awakening, please follow the Instagram page, @awakening.calvin.