Barnabas tree

Be a Barnabas

Barnabas is a team of students dedicated to walking alongside their peers in the dorms as they seek God. Barnabas serve as a spiritual friend to the people in their residence halls, initiate Bible studies, and help plan dorm worship. As they serve in this role, they are equipped, encouraged, and mentored in their own faith and leadership skills by their residence director (RD) and the Discipleship Ministry Coordinators. 

Be a Discipleship Assistant

Discipleship Assistants (DAs) participate in the development of Christian formation and community in the residence halls by primarily leading and mentoring a team of Barnabas student leaders. This position places the Campus Ministries Discipleship Assistant in a setting where they will conduct meaningful ministry among student leaders in the residence hall while being directed and mentored by Campus Ministries Staff.

To find out who is a Barnabas in your residence hall, check the Barnabas calendar in your dorm or contact a Discipleship Assistant.