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Our equipment is essential in our pursuit of science. The two observatories are designed to be very similar in equipment. The local site is used for hands-on training, equipment testing, and nighttime viewing by students and visitors. The remote site is operated robotically via the internet and gathers high-quality data every clear night for class projects and research.

Both sites:

  • Telescope: Optical Guidance Systems RC16-75F (16 inch aperture Ritchey-Chretien) with carbon fiber tube
  • Guidescope: Takahashi refractor FS-78, 3" diameter
  • Guide Camera: ST-I
  • Slide Mirror: Van Slyke Engineering Versaport Slider
  • Dome automation: Meridian controls solar-powered, computer-controlled dome motors
  • Power automation: X10
  • Telescope control software: Software Bisque TheSkyX
  • Camera control and image processing software: Diffraction Limited Maxim DL
  • Astrometry software: PinPoint (from DC-3)
  • User interface: ACP ASCOM DC-3 Dreams (Astronomy software)
  • Remote operation: RealVNC
  • Rack to support camera: Custom built

Calvin Rehoboth Telescope near Gallup, NM

Calvin Observatroy in Grand Rapids, MI

  • Also used in the Calvin Observatory:
  • Two Meade LX-90 telescopes 8" f/10 x2
  • Binoculars: A Celestron 7x50 and an Orion 10x70


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