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Learning is a lifelong pursuit. With continual changes to the skills required for success, shifting organizational priorities, and a desire to pursue excellence, many professionals seek opportunities to deepen their learning.

At Calvin, we offer online and in-person short courses and workshops for professionals to enhance knowledge and skills in various subject areas. Upon completion of these microcredentials, learners receive a digital badge to validate their skills and knowledge gained.

We’ve woven Calvin’s mission into the fabric of each of these professional development experiences - to help all learners think deeply, act justly and live wholeheartedly as Christ’s agents of renewal in the world.

Microcredentials by Sector

Calvin offers short, innovative, skills-based, non-credit learning experiences designed for learners to upskill or cross-skill. These may also contribute to a degree-bearing program when combined through a pre-determined pathway that demonstrates evidence of academic learning.

Online courses are hosted through Calvin Learn, our proprietary learning management system. Register for an account at and browse what’s currently available for registration.

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Student studying on laptop.

Anxiety, Angina, Attack: Knowledge & Best Assessment Practices for Chest Pain


This course will teach you how to describe and recognize different types of pain.

Instructor teaching.

Christian Scholars in Higher Education - Reflecting Faith


Short, accessible, high quality online courses developed by experienced Christian scholars and available worldwide at low cost.

Student pointing at a screen.

Cultural Intelligence for Ministry Leaders

Coming soon

Learn to ask difficult questions with humility and cultivate empathy for the different experiences and perspectives that define your community.

Teacher teaching in front of class.

Executive Management in Christian Schools

Online or in-person

Executive management training program for heads of Christian schools.

Man holding hiring sign.

Hiring Formerly Incarcerated Individuals

Online and in-person

Learn how to hire hard-to-fill positions while also making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities.

Students checking blood pressure.

Implicit Bias in Health Care


Explore the nuanced impact of implicit bias within the realm of healthcare, shedding light on its implications and strategies for addressing it effectively.

Professor holding and pointing at a model foot.

Managing Pain


Delve into what pain is, the physiological reasons for pain, how to objectively assess pain levels, and how bias can impact the pain assessment process.

Person talking to a group.

Mental Health Ambassadors

Coming soon

Discovering key aspects of mental health care will help us support each other effectively during difficult times.

Therapist talking to a child.

Mental Health First Aid - Youth Certification


Learn risk factors and warning signs for mental health and addiction concerns, strategies for helping, and where to turn for resources and assistance.

Wind farm.

Project GreenER - Plaster Creek Stewards


Led by Plaster Creek Stewards, this program fosters an understanding of watershed care and challenges you to make a positive ecological impact in your community.

Students studying at a cafe.



Imagine a boot camp for your writing: poetry, fiction, and nonfiction—guided by professors from Aquinas Collge, Calvin University, and Cornerstone University.

Teacher teaching in front of class.

Teaching as a Christian Practice

Online or in-person

The workshop helps Christian educators deepen their understanding of how faith is truly able to affect everyday classroom practices and instruction.

A nurse checking on a patient.

Understanding & Assessing Pain


Pain is the most common reason patients seek health services. This course will help healthcare professionals think deeply about pain and its consequences.


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