Calvin’s transformation from a college to a university is happening amidst disruptive times in higher education. A decline in the number of high school graduates in the Northeast, Midwest, and Michigan, combined with an ongoing pandemic, presents major challenges and reveals exciting opportunities. While this environment is not unique to Calvin, the university is charting a unique course through it.

Financial stewardship and strategic investment over the past decade have Calvin University operating from a position of strength:

  • Calvin knows who it is—it has a strong mission and identity;

  • Calvin knows where it is headed—it has a compelling vision;

  • Calvin is financially stable—its assets have doubled in ten years, while its debt has been cut in half.

Enter Calvin Tomorrow. This university-wide initiative uses an established process to create a multi-year financial plan for Calvin University. This plan will map the desired route to Vision 2030, allowing university leaders to plan far enough ahead to identify and secure the resources necessary to make progress toward a bright future.

Calvin's Crossing.

The Challenge

Higher education is facing strong headwinds in 2021 and they will only grow stronger over the next half decade.

Three students walk across Calvin's Crossing.

The Process

Calvin University is not looking to survive the higher education challenges on a year-to-year basis, it’s planning to thrive through them.

Students assending stairs on their way to chapel.

The Future

The point of this work is to put Calvin in the best possible position to continue to fulfill its compelling mission and vision.