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A college education for the future

Changing the world requires more than a toolkit of skills. Learn to understand complex issues from every angle. Discover how to lead with integrity and creativity.

  •   Author: Staff
  •   Published: March 16, 2020
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If you’re like a lot of people, you’re applying to colleges based on the strength of a particular major or program. But what if you choose Calvin because the rest of your education—the courses you’ll take outside your major—will also be incredibly strong?

What does a Calvin education look like?

In addition to your major, you will choose courses in subjects like theology, psychology, political science, art history, and geography. You might think of those courses as distractions from your chosen major—but their goal is to make you more effective at your chosen field! The value of the Calvin approach really kicks in as you develop the habit of learning about the world and analyzing specific problems. 

How will a Calvin education set you up for success in your career?

If you go to a school where you only learn about one thing, you won’t be as well-rounded. As a Calvin grad, you’ll have broad expertise that really comes in handy as you navigate the job market. Calvin graduates say their exceptional analytical and communication skills put them a notch above the rest. Bonus: These skills also prepare you well for graduate school.

How will this approach change you?

Calvin’s core courses give you new eyes with which to see the world and God. As you discover more about creation, awe makes your heart bigger and your mind more receptive to God’s wisdom. You’ll bring that sense of wonder and curiosity into your chosen field, no matter what it is.

  •   Author: Staff
  •   Published: March 16, 2020


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