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How majoring in strategic communication prepares you for success

See how majoring in strategic communication at Calvin will make you stand out to employers. And learn from Professor Kathi Groenendyk how the major will shape the way you think and communicate.

  • Author: Tiffany Kajiwara
  • Published: October 2, 2019
  • Author: Tiffany Kajiwara
  • Published: October 2, 2019

How does a strategic communication major prepare you for the future?

Studying strategic communication can lead to many different types of careers. Public relations, social media content creation, ministry, and law are just a few. Calvin’s strategic communication program prepares students well for these careers and many more. And our faculty members help students find which path is best for them.

I talked with one of our recent alumna about her work. She works for a leading humanitarian nonprofit in Honduras, and in her job, she had to create Google ads. As she worked on these, she realized her major prepared her well for this project and many others. She thought carefully about the people she was trying to reach, wrote vividly, and communicated with purpose.

What do the student-professor relationships look like?

Our students succeed because of their interaction with professors. Our program's size allows professors to get to know their students well. We have many opportunities to mentor them through advising and in classes.

One semester before class, I asked a senior how her job search was going. She told me she wasn't sure where to begin looking, but she knew that she wanted to work in public relations or event planning.

After class, I emailed one of our recent graduates who works in event planning. I asked her if she had any openings or if she had any suggestions for this student. The alumna offered to reach out to the senior, and that led to a job right after graduation. It was a perfect fit for both of them.

Why is Calvin’s strategic communication major unique?

Calvin students join an active learning space where theory meets practice. Professors engage students in discussions about the study of communication. And they guide students in problem-solving and case study critiques.

Our curriculum is another reason. Calvin students learn practical skills. Students can take classes about digital media, oral rhetoric, and advertising. And our classes give students the ability to critique and create messages.

  • Author: Tiffany Kajiwara
  • Published: October 2, 2019


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