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4 ways to combine Spanish with another major

Knowing Spanish will give you an edge in almost every career. At Calvin, you can easily pair your Spanish major with another subject. Here are some of the combinations Calvin students are exploring.

    •   Author: Michal Rubingh
    •   Published: October 2, 2019

Some people call Spanish the “companion major” because it easily pairs well with, even enhances, anything else you’re interested in. These four double-majors all have different skills, passions, and goals—but they all share a love for Spanish and people.

Joy Gregorio

Majors: Spanish and speech pathology 

Career goal: provide access to speech therapy for Spanish-speaking communities

Highlight of studying Spanish: forming relationships with professors, classmates, and her host family in Honduras during her semester abroad

How Spanish is relevant to her other major: “I originally decided to study Spanish because I knew it would be useful and valued in any healthcare setting. After studying abroad, I’ve also learned how much language is connected to the culture and soul of the people group that speaks it. I will be able to help more people in my community if I am proficient in the language.”

Kyle Zuidema

Majors: Spanish and biochemistry

Career goal: make healthcare more available to Spanish-speaking communities

Highlight of studying Spanish: serving as a medical interpreter at Exalta Health for his service-learning

How Spanish is relevant to his other major: “I want to be able to communicate with Spanish-speaking people in the context of medicine. There is a significant lack of Spanish-speaking doctors in the U.S. and around the world, and this communication barrier hinders the access to care that Spanish-speaking patients receive.”

Tara Boutelle

Majors: Spanish and social work, French minor

Career goal: become a social worker who can communicate with those who don’t speak English

Highlight of studying Spanish: marching for equality through the streets of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, on International Women’s Day during her semester abroad

How Spanish is relevant to her other major: “As a social worker, the more languages I can proficiently speak, the more people I can help and connect with.”

Maddy Jeninga

Majors: Spanish and mathematics secondary education

Career goal: become a math teacher in a bilingual or international setting

Highlight of studying Spanish: spending a semester in Honduras

How Spanish is relevant to her other major: “I chose a Spanish major because I love the language. In addition to my love of the language, I want to be a teacher. There are many students in the U.S. who speak Spanish, so having a Spanish major will allow me to communicate with them and provide a better education.”

  •   Author: Michal Rubingh
  •   Published: October 2, 2019


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