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4 reasons to join Calvin’s thriving student newspaper

At Chimes, you’ll learn more than just how to write a compelling headline.

  • Author: Michal Rubingh
  • Published: October 2, 2019
  • Author: Michal Rubingh
  • Published: October 2, 2019

Chimes is Calvin’s student newspaper and a great point of entry into Calvin’s thriving community of writers and communicators. Here’s why you should get connected with Chimes.

Find a community

Surround yourself with a group of experienced writers, editors, and leaders who produce a full paper every week—all of them students. Members of Chimes meet at least once a week to collaborate on stories and layout design. So, you’ll start to become familiar with other students who care about writing and truth as much as you do.

Learn professional skills

Chimes is a great way to expose yourself to journalistic style. Even if you don’t become a journalist, you’ll learn the basics of effective communication that all kinds of employers are looking for. For the Calvin grads who did become journalists, Chimes had piqued their interest with consistent hands-on experience.  

Be a leader

It doesn’t take years of experience to try a leadership position like section editor, layout editor, or editor-in-chief for Chimes. You’ll learn on the job and pick up all kinds of organizational skills along the way.

Get involved on campus

When you’re involved in Chimes, you can’t help but have some insider knowledge about what’s going on around Calvin’s campus—and around Grand Rapids. You’ll have free access to concerts, panel discussions, town hall meetings, and more. Chimes plays an important role in keeping Calvin accountable and keeping the Calvin community informed.

  • Author: Michal Rubingh
  • Published: October 2, 2019


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