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5 reasons to join Calvin’s largest student organization

What’s all the hype about Dance Guild for, anyway?

It won’t take long for you to realize that Calvin is a magnet for people passionate about dance. Dance Guild is the student organization that draws the dance community—in its full diversity of styles and skill levels—together. The result is an electrifying performance every semester that’s equally enjoyable for the audience and the dancers. Even if dance is just a question in your mind, there are some great reasons to explore Dance Guild for yourself.

  1. Choose your style. Whether you’re into swing, hip-hop, musical theater, ballet, or even the “dad” dance, you’ll find at least 10 other students who love the same style as you. Every semester, the dancers create a dynamic mix of music styles and movements featured in over 30 dance pieces.
  2. Choose your skill level. Dance Guild welcomes beginners and experts alike, and both have found that there is room for them to grow. In most styles, you can join a beginner group, an intermediate group, or an advanced group. That means no shame—every dancer is advancing right where they are.
  3. Lead a dance group. Looking for a leadership opportunity? Dance Guild is looking for leaders who love dancing and working with people to pull together an impressive show every semester. It’s a great opportunity for you to share your expertise and work on your leadership skills at the same time.
  4. Gain confidence as a dancer. Taking the stage is one of the best ways to build your confidence, especially when the auditorium is packed with 2,000 people! Dancers who are unsure about their abilities receive careful guidance from their leaders and are ready to step onto the stage when performance night comes.
  5. Get ENERGIZED! Students who participate in Dance Guild all agree that it’s a great opportunity to have fun with people, music, and movement. In your Dance Guild group, you'll find a much-needed respite from homework, stay active, and meet a community of friends.

Quotes from student leaders

“I found my love for dancing during my first year at Calvin. Being part of a student organization like Dance Guild allows underconfident and unsure dancers to taste what it’s like to dance with talented and passionate dancers. Dance Guild leads them to find their own love for dancing.”

—Jewel Chung, media coordinator

“I've only been performing in Dance Guild for two semesters, but I've really enjoyed the variety of styles and capabilities. I think it’s awesome that so many people are drawn to the accessibility and fun of Dance Guild.”

—Blake Winslow, costume coordinator


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