HNRS 280: Legacies of Empire: New Orleans

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  • Location: New Orleans
  • Dates: 1/3/2024 - 1/12/2024 off-campus in New Orleans: January 5-11; on-campus: January 3-4, 12
  • Cost: $2200 (estimate)

Note: This program is currently closed to new applications.

This course undertakes interdisciplinary exploration of the historical and contemporary legacies of European empires in Louisiana broadly, but New Orleans and its surrounding area particularly.

In the Louisiana colony, slave-based sugar plantations and slaved-based domestic work, which helped to sustain the economies of European empires (the French and Spanish, respectively), eventually changed over to petroleum, energy, and tourism as primary sources of revenue and economic development. Through a combination of academic and experiential learning, students will examine topics such as the Atlantic Slave Trade to Louisiana, slavery, development of Creole society, and gentrification post-Katrina.


2 credits


$2200 (estimate)

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Eric Washington

Eric Washington

Professor of History;
Director of African & African Diaspora Studies Program
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