Staff tuition benefits

Personal Calvin tuition

Full-time employees may enroll in free university and/or Calvin Theological Seminary courses at a rate of up to eight credits per year. Credits may not be banked from one academic year to the next. Admission as regular or guest student is required so if you are interested in this benefit contact the admissions office to start the process.

Once admitted, complete the employee tuition waiver form and submit to the registrar's office. This form must be approved before the course begins. These tuition benefits apply to any credit-bearing courses at an undergraduate or graduate level. Credits cannot be redeemed after termination of employment from Calvin University.

Tuition reimbursement

Staff members may receive partial reimbursement for classes taken outside of Calvin. Eligible employees will need to talk to your supervisor in order to receive approval, but feel free to contact human resources. Reimbursement will be processed once human resources receives an itemized receipt, a grade report and a completed employee tuition reimbursement form. Please note that your reimbursement amount will be prorated if you are less than 1.0 FTE.

Family tuition benefits

Spouse Calvin tuition

The spouse of an eligible staff member can audit any university course for free or receive a waiver for half the tuition for degree seeking courses. If your spouse interested in this benefit contact the admissions office to start the process. Complete the spouse tuition waiver form once your spouse has been admitted.

Dependent Calvin tuition

Calvin provides a tuition waiver of up to 100% for dependent children of eligible staff members. Eligibility for this benefit is communicated directly to the Financial Aid office by the Human Resources office. If you have questions regarding this benefit please contact the Human Resources office.

K-12 tuition grant

We offer grants up to 20% towards the tuition of eligible employees' children in Christian elementary and secondary schools. Our office automatically generates forms for this benefit each academic year, but if you have a child entering a Christian school for the first time, be sure to let us know! For more information about this and faculty grant-in-aid, contact human resources.

University - Seminary dependent child tuition exchange waiver

Calvin University and Calvin Theological Seminary offer a dependent tuition exchange program that provides a waiver of, up to, 60% of Calvin Theological Seminary tuition for eligible university faculty and staff. Questions regarding calculation of the tuition exchange waiver and coordination of scholarships and grants should be directed to the Calvin Seminary Office of Financial Aid.