There is great value in learning how to cross borders and understand the perspectives of people different from yourself. The CCE credit challenges students to engage with cultures and communities other than their own, to prepare them for a lifetime of global citizenship.

CCE Learning Objectives:

Students will

  1. Articulate knowledge of their own culture and a culture different from their own.
  2. Engage effectively across cultures and, where appropriate, adapt to cultural expectations.
  3. Demonstrate understanding and discernment regarding cultural embodiments of values and faith traditions.

What is a "Culturally Engaging" experience?

The requirement that the engagement be in a culture "significantly different from one's own" requires justification. It is difficult to define what would be culture significantly different from the student's own culture for students at Calvin University. Proposals for courses intended to meet the CCE requirement should outline the nature of culture differences that exist between the students in the class and the community of engagement. For all such courses, the dimensions of time, intensity and cultural difference should be seen as related. That is, for experiences of short duration or limited intensity, the culture differences should be greater; for semester or year-long experiences, smaller differences may be able to accomplish the same purpose. For White, North American students, if the engagement is done in North America, it should be with a different racial or linguistic community (e.g., African American, Hispanic or non-English speaking immigrant). In cases where significant cultural difference is not apparent, the proposal should explain how there are sufficient differences to enable the goals of the course to be met and how the course will use these differences to meet the goals for the CCE requirement.

Need CCE credit?

On-campus and off-campus courses that carry CCE credit are different each term. The on-campus CCE options are listed below. You may also take a course tagged for global regions and cultures or diversity and difference (new core) for your CCE credit.

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Note that seniors have priority when registering for these courses. Click on Summer 2022 below for descriptions.

CCE options for Summer 2022

IDIS 290 B - "Muslim-Christian Engagement and Learning" (1 credit) taught by Jeffrey Bos, Doaa Baumi, and Joel Pierce. Course offered virtually and synchronously for June term (May 31-June 25, 2022), Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:00-11:30 a.m. EDT.


CCE options for Fall 2022

IDIS 290 A (AA) - "Exploring Race in America" (0 or 1 credit). Course offered for full semester, once-weekly, in person, Tuesdays, 6:00-6:50 p.m.

For off-campus options, see Off-campus Programs.

All Calvin and official "non-Calvin" international semester and summer programs count for CCE, as does the Chicago semester (by taking the right course).


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