The Sexuality Series is an ongoing program of lectures, retreats, films, book clubs and more, at Calvin that explores issues of sexuality from a Christian perspective. The series promotes biblically faithful thinking and living amidst the complexity of these topics and of our own lives. We aim to help students live wisely, with honesty and grace, glorifying God in our bodies, minds and loves.

The series develops its own programming, collaboratively plans events with other departments and provides a schedule listing campus events related to sexuality. The series director is a part of our Campus Ministries team and is served by an advisory comittee of faculty and staff as well as a student advisory team.

Sexuality Series goals

  1. To help students develop a Christian approach to sexuality, gender, and relationships.
  2. To promote students’ physical and emotional safety, both in terms of relational health and campus climate.
  3. To promote chastity in singleness, dating, and marriage.
  4. To promote respect for all people as image-bearers of God regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.
  5. To foster space for respectful campus dialogue on sexuality topics.
  6. To encourage the pursuit of justice in our own lives, in the church and in the world concerning sexuality, gender, and relationships.

Jodi VanWingerden

Jodi VanWingerden

Coordinator for Student Support and Sexuality Programming
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