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A Shared Space: Learning From the Mustard Seed School

A small Christian school in Hoboken, NJ is attracting attention for its progressive integration of fine arts, worship, and community service. The success of its intentional mission to the urban poor defies the economic model that typifies many private school. But in an environment of insufficient funds, unattainable performance standards, and escalating drop-out rates, can any school make a difference? Can a curriculum infused with faith and art honestly and positively impact the lives of a diverse student body?

The Kuyers Institute for Christian Teaching and Learning and the Battaglia Family present a production of Full Circle Media and Calvin College: "A Shared Space: Learning from the Mustard Seed School." A film by Brian Fuller; camera: Kyle Berkompas, Kristin Crawford; audio: Chad Drenth; assistant editors: Rachel Kuyvenhoven, Eric Nondahl, Taylor Wogoman; written, directed, and edited by Brian D. Fuller.

Purchase from the Calvin Campus store for $19.00 plus $3 shipping and handling (call 1-800-748-0122) or from Amazon.