Be a part of the solution. Coordinate your classes with CWI and become an asset in the global effort to provide clean, accessible water.

See the list of current CWI projects to learn more about research projects you could get involved with.

New scholarship announcement: The Joseph and Sang Jin Kim scholarship is now available to help prospective students consider how they might get involved with the Clean Water Institute! Any prospective Calvin students are welcome to apply. Watch for it through your financial aid application in your list of apply-to scholarships.

Global Development and Public Health Courses:

    • PUBH-101
    • PUBH-248
    • PUBH-385
    • BIOL-364
    • ENTR-301
    • GDS-201
    • GDS-351
    • GDS-355

Engineering Courses

    • ENGR-306
    • ENGR-308
    • ENGR-320
    • ENGR-321
    • ENGR-339

Geography courses:

    • GE0-260
    • GE0-325
    • GE0-351
    • GE0-352
    • GE0-361