Put your learning to work and bring the most vital resource to the world's neediest communities. Study real-world problems related to clean water off-campus while providing real-world solutions.

Current and past research and scholarship

(Bio)sand Filtration: Best Practices within Ethiopian Context: Implications for Global Use June 2017–present Kelly DuBois, David Wunder
Best Practices for the Disinfection of Rural Community Water Supplies in Ecuador Summer 2016–2019 Robert Hoeksema, Chad Tatko, Donald Tellinghuisen, David Wunder
Data Analysis of Filed Survey Results for Point One Distribution, Use, and Impact in Liberia June 2017–August 2021 Kristen Alford, Jason VanHorn, Randall Pruim, Stacy De Ruiter
Preservation and reactivation of an ancient water delivery system at the Umm el-Jimal archeological site in Jordan January 2017–2019 or 2020 Bert de Vries, Robert Hoeksema, David Wunder

Past Projects

  • Arsenic removal technologies
  • Bagasse charcoal for water treatment
  • Drinking Water Distribution and Disinfection Improvements for Curahuasi, Peru
  • Pharmaceuticals and slow sand filtration
  • Reconnaissance of water resources in Chimizal, Honduras

Interim programs