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Noontime Lectures: Tara Day, Safe Haven Ministries

"The Challenges of Universal Forgiveness in the Face of Domestic Violence"

As Christians, are we called to forgive regardless of the transgression? This question of forgiveness is not one taken lightly by Christian Theology. However, in cases of complex trauma, such as domestic violence, must it be given to find true healing? We live in a world where there is an increasing pressure for quick-fix solutions and black-and-white ideology, yet the complexities of the human experience often struggle to fit in this binary paradigm. The same can apply for a domestic violence survivor’s healing journey. While healing might be the ultimate goal, and forgiveness is the one-way ticket to the destination, the lived experience of survivors teaches us that there may be another way to wholeness.


Tara Day is the Director of Prevention and Education at Safe Haven Ministries, a comprehensive domestic violence agency in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The title of her lecture is “The Challenges of Universal Forgiveness in the Face of Domestic Violence”.

February 2018
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