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Beyond Stewardship: New Approaches to Creation Care
David Paul Warners, biology, and Matthew Kuperus Heun, engineering

What if God didn’t place humans on Earth to be stewards of creation but something else? If not stewards, then what? The new book Beyond Stewardship (Calvin Press) aspires to equip Christians to live better in this world by helping us all think more intentionally about the relationship we have with the nonhuman creation in which we are necessarily and thoroughly embedded. It first identifies some conceptual and theological limitations with the term "stewardship." Then, it offers ways to think more carefully about the relationship we have with the nonhuman creation. What characterizes that relationship? Is it healthy or unhealthy; affirming or degrading? What would a reconciled relationship between human beings and the rest of creation look like?

Thoughtful answers emerge from chapters written by scholars from diverse disciplines who all share a deep passion for a flourishing creation. Collectively, they offer an expanded and enlivened understanding of the place of humans in the context of God’s creation.

In this seminar, editors David Paul Warners, biology, and Matthew Kuperus Heun, engineering, will provide a brief overview of the book and how it came to be. A reception with editors and authors (with refreshments) to follow.

About the Series

This seminar series explores interactions between Christian faith and scholarship in the natural and applied sciences.

Christian Perspectives in Science seminar topics vary over a range of interdisciplinary issues, drawing insights from religion, philosophy, astronomy, geology, biology, biotechnology, chemistry, physics, engineering, nursing, mathematics, computer science, psychology, sociology, history, and other departments and programs.

These seminars are free and open to the public.

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