As a SPAUD student, you may start putting your education to work in a job or volunteer position related to the fields of speech pathology or audiology.

If you would like to gain more experience working in the field, there are many on- and off-campus opportunities—some paid and some volunteer—open to you.

The following experiences are items you could later put on your resume or applications for graduate school. The list is by no means exhaustive; you may find other opportunities not listed that give you a place to apply the learning you are doing in the classroom. We love helping our students find ways to further their experience in the field while pursuing their interests!

Undergraduate Opportunities

It is never too soon to start broadening your experiences in the Speech Pathology & Audiology field. These opportunities can be used to later strengthen your resume or application to graduate schools.

On Campus

  • Student Organization: NSSLHA - The National Student Speech, Language, And Hearing Association. Create lasting relationships, participate in community service, and further your knowledge of the graduate program and field through mentorship programs.
  • Shadow a graduate student in the on-campus clinic - The Speech Pathology program provides opportunities for undergrads to get experience in the On-Campus Speech & Hearing Clinic.

Off Campus

  • Volunteer - There will be opportunities to volunteer and get a feel for your future line of work at a local Veteran's home, in the Special Needs community, or local schools
  • Potential part time jobs - Part time work can also serve as a resume-booster and experience builder. Consider work as a Camp Counselor, CNA, parapro or helper for special needs student.

Graduate Student Opportunities

The focus in the graduate program is top-notch education combined with a broad clinical speech pathology experience. You can expect to encounter a variety of locations, age groups, and clinical settings.

On Campus

  • The focus of the graduate experience on campus is in our Speech & Hearing Clinic. You will have the opportunity to lead one-on-one speech therapy, group therapy, aural rehabilitation groups, and support groups.
  • Graduate Assistant positions are available in our department and include research, grading, and administrative duties.

Off Campus

  • The second year of the graduate program includes three externships, intended to give the student a variety of field experiences. Intentional and thoughtful selections are made so that the student has the best foundation to enter the job market or further his or her education.
  • Partnerships with a large variety of medical facilities, hospitals, schools, and private practices ensure that you get the best support and mentorship available.
  • Additional opportunities for clinical hours include volunteering at the Veteran's Home, working with the local special needs community, and working with the under-served and underprivileged.