Seek God’s truth and beauty in art

Love concerts, movies and video games? We do too. But don’t just consume pop culture—dive deep into it, listening, watching, thinking and discerning. At Calvin, we look for the ways in which God’s truth and beauty seep through the notes of a song and the frames of a movie or video game. We discern where sin and brokenness are apparent in art. Along the way, our hearts and minds are transformed more and more into Christ’s likeness.

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Student Activities Office
Upcoming shows & events, artist bios and cultural discernment resources

In Their Own Words
We have to develop the eyes to see where redemption is showing up in all kinds of places, some which are Christian, some of which are not.” Ken Heffner, Director of Student Activities


Engage pop culture

Practice applying your faith to how you view entertainment and pop culture through these campus opportunities.

Cultural Discerners

Calvin’s Cultural Discerners (CDs) meet regularly to discuss pop culture and lead conversations about music, movies and video games in the residence halls. Learn more

Video Game Sphere

Don’t spend your Friday nights playing Call of Duty by yourself in your dorm room. Join other avid gamers for tournaments and great conversations about faith and video games. Learn More

Movie Nights

Watch recent releases in Calvin’s Covenant Fine Arts Center for (almost) free and join your friends for thoughtful discussions afterwards. See calendar

Festival of Faith & Music

Three days of mind-blowing concerts, spirited discussions and inspiring lectures with people who love music as much as you do. Learn more


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A Complicated Dance

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