Who we are

Calvin College Parent Council 2015–2016

Front row: Carlos Correa, Arlene Correa, Joni Beezhold, Linda Sutherland, Katie Wetherbee, Tom Wetherbee, Michelle Machiele, Paul Machiele, Rhonda Spykman, Rick Spykman

Second row: Sandy Griffin, Debra Schott, Janet Brink, Shelley Evenhouse, Abbey Waterman, Ross Leisman, Lynelle Cook, Gabriella de la Vega

Back row: Michael Van Denend, Mark Schott, Dale Brink, Jeff Braybrook, Lisa Lensing, Dale Lensing, Jim Cook, Sue Toering, Mike Wissink

Not pictured: Bonny Baar, Donald Sutherland

2015–2016 Members

  • Bonny Baar – Allendale, Mich. (Becky, JR; Josette, SR)
  • Joni Beezhold – Lake Stevens, Wash. (Allison, JR)
  • Jeff Braybrook – Spring Lake, Mich. (Kimberly, SR)
  • Dale and Janet Brink – Dyer, Ind. (Kristin, JR; Lauren, JR)
  • Jim and Lynelle Cook – Aurora, Ohio (Jenna, SO; Katie, SR)
  • Carlos and Arlene Correa – Chicago, Ill. (Mia, FR)
  • Gabriella de la Vega – Wyoming, Mich. (Carla, JR)
  • Shelley Evenhouse – Ada, Mich. (Katherine, FR)
  • Sandy Griffin – Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. (Lauren, SR)
  • Ross Leisman – Ada, Mich. (Hans, FR; Dorthea, SR)
  • Dale and Lisa Lensing – Otley, Iowa (Jacob, FR; Jonathan, SR)
  • Paul and Michelle Machiele – Ann Arbor, Mich. (Laurel, SO)
  • Mark and Debra Schott – Palatine, Ill. (Jacob, SO)
  • Rick and Rhonda Spykman, co-chairs – Lafayette, Ind. (John, JR)
  • Donald and Linda Sutherland – Ballwin, Mo. (Ian, JR)
  • Sue Toering – Jenison, Mich. (Sarah, GR; Ryan, JR)
  • Abbey Waterman – Detroit, Mich. (Kelsey, JR)
  • Tom and Katie Wetherbee – Chagrin Falls, Ohio (Annie, SR)
  • Mike Wissink – Big Rapids, Mich. (Peter, SR)

What we do

The Calvin Parent Council is a representative group of Calvin parents who meet on campus twice annually, foster constructive dialogue between the college and parents, serve as ambassadors for the college, and faithfully support Calvin's mission.

The Parent Council, an initiative of Calvin’s parent relations program, serves as a key leadership board to engage Calvin parents in constructive dialogue and activity.

Parent Council members are asked to serve an initial term of two years, with the option of serving additional years as long as they have a student at Calvin. Parents may serve individually or are invited to serve jointly on the council with a spouse. The membership includes parents or stepparents of students from each graduating class, and it is intended that the membership of the Parent Council reflect the demographics of the Calvin student body.

Parent Council meetings are held on campus in conjunction with two parent/family events: Family Weekend (October) and Siblings Weekend (February).