Senior Friends

Senior Friends exists to love and be loved by the elderly in Grand Rapids, restoring relationships within the community through service-oriented volunteering.

Calvin University seeks to cultivate agents of renewal in the world. Students are continually encouraged to ask questions. Recognizing Calvin as a place full of great ideas, we want to push that one step further. As a way to reshape the narrative of the typical college student, we hope to provide them with the opportunity to engage with the surrounding community of Grand Rapids in a tangible way. This student organization rests on the common desire to see God’s kingdom of reconciliation here on earth, and it begins not overseas, or by a missionary, but with students on this campus, stepping into a nursing home. Senior Friends was born out of a genuine desire to see students engage with under-served and forgotten members of the community. Senior Friends exists to bring light to a neglected and misrepresented community in Grand Rapids by standing up to the cultural norms of segregation, partnering with the elderly in our community to engage in meaningful relationship. We hope that this club will help students change their posture, allowing them to see the elderly through a new perspective.

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