Newfound Narratives One-Act Festival (NNOAF)

The Newfound Narratives One-Act Festival is a script writing and one act festival led by and for current students from a variety of departments and is dedicated to providing co-curricular experiential learning opportunities to young artists in the Midwest through collaborative and creative processes in all areas of professional theatrical production work.

As the administration of Calvin University is continually forced to whittle away opportunities in the arts for students on Calvin’s campus, it becomes the responsibility of the student body to sustain the culturally diverse landscape that has become emblematic of Calvin University’s efforts to be both agents of renewal and meaningful discerners of culture in the world at large. NNOAF strives to fulfill this calling by building bridges between people at every level of artistic production, from encouraging students to write scripts through directing, performing, and producing small shows. Furthermore, as these struggles are not limited to Calvin but to colleges and universities across the nation, NNOAF aspires to build bridges between schools and departments as well, reaching beyond geographic boundaries to inspire and embody the profoundly human desire to come together and create art.

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