Doing God's work in God's world

The mission of the Service-Learning Center is to engage and equip Calvin University students, faculty, staff, community partners, alumni and other friends of the university in and for the pursuit of God's shalom in learning together, primarily through community-based service-learning, social justice activity and civic participation in Grand Rapids and other partner communities

The majority of our students participate in academically based service-learning (ABSL). Course-based service-learning is arranged by the professor and the Service-Learning Center. In ABSL partnerships, we strive to connect an existing community need with specific learning goals that professors have for their students.

Students may also participate in service-learning through a variety of non-academic programs, such as getting involved in our Residence Hall Community Partnerships program, serving as a chaperone for the annual Special Olympics competition, or spending a spring break on a service-learning trip at one of several sites across the continental US.

Additionally, students can independently seek service-learning experiences. Some students are looking for an experience that will assist them in preparing for a particular vocation. Others are interested in specific issues and causes. Many of these students stop by our office or call us for ideas. Our most comprehensive resource is our website’s search engine, which students may use to see what service-learning opportunities currently await them in Grand Rapids.

Several groups and organizations on campus form partnerships with specific organizations and causes. Other groups look to our office to provide information about short-term or one-time projects.