CRF Awardees

  • Ken Arnold
    Computer Science
    Interactive Natural Language Technology for Supporting Writers in Structuring and Revising Documents
  • Kevin Corcoran
    Fitting Consciousness In A Physical World
  • Randall DeJong
    Advancing molecular research of phages and parasites
  • Matt Halteman
    Living Well Toward a New Vegan Normal
  • Paul Harper
    Physics & Astronomy
    Lipid Structural Biophysics
  • Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung
    The Ethical Life: Formation and Integration
  • Clair Mesick
    Conflict & Conflict Resolution in Paul
  • William Miller
    Developing the One Health approach as a new paradigm in Christian Environmental Stewardship
  • Larry Molnar
    Physics and Astronomy
    Testing Contact Binary Star Models
  • Mark Muyskens
    Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Involving undergraduate researchers in studies of fluorescent coumarin compounds
  • Kumar Sinniah
    Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Mentoring and Training Undergraduate Students on the Structural Changes of G-Quadruplex DNA
  • James Skillen
    Geology, Geography, & Environment
    Our Public Lands: An Introduction
  • James Smith
    A History of Self-Consciousness: Hegel's Christian Philosophy of Modernity
  • James Turner
    Mathematics & Statistics
    Book project: Algebraic Structures over Homotopy Operations
  • Frans van Liere
    Historical Studies
    A Critical Edition of Andrew of Saint Victor's Commentary on Jeremiah
  • Laura Westrate
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Protein Trafficking in the Endoplasmic Reticulum
  • Julie Yonker
    Virtue Practices for Strengthening Community

Sabbatical Leave of Absence Awardees

  • Fred Haan
    Tornado aerodynamics - a critical time for the discipline and for the planet
  • Craig Hanson
    Historical Studies
    Before & After: The History of a Visual Convention
  • Geert Heetebrij
    Faith Under Fire
  • Matt Heun
    Insights from a PFU Energy Database
  • Jonathan Hill
    Intellectual Humility in Science, Religion, and Politics
  • Scott Lamanna
    World Languages - Spanish
    The Gift of the Stranger and Linguistics in the Target Language
  • Youngkhill Lee
    Leisure and Posttraumatic Growth of People with Spinal Cord Injury: Aging and Theological Reflections
  • Elizabeth Oommen
    Examining Findings from an Interprofessional Dysphagia Support and Educational Group on Curriculum and Student Preparation for Service-Delivery at Calvin University
  • Derek Schuurman
    Computer Science
    Perspectives on Progress
  • Alisa Tigchelaar
    World Languages - Spanish
    Early Modern Female Monastic Voices and Calvin (Core) Commitments: Sustainability and Global Diversity & Inclusion through a Cloistered-Order Lens
  • David Urban
    C. S. Lewis, Miltonist: The Influence of Milton's Paradise Lost on Lewis's Creative and Apologetic Imagination